What to expect

We have plenty of parking, so finding a spot should be easy. If you arrive a few minutes early, you can grab a cup of coffee, meet a few folks, locate the restrooms and find a seat.


We offer child care during morning worship for children under four years of age.   All of our workers have undergone a thorough process of training and background checks so that we might provide the highest quality of care in a secure and safe environment for your child.

At Cross Timber, children five years of age and above sit with their parents during morning worship. Attending the worship gathering with their parents allows children to see mom, dad, and other adults glorify God through singing, reading from the Bible, and listening to the morning sermon.  Color pages and crayons are available for children to use during worship.


At Cross Timber you will discover a laid-back atmosphere. Most people dress business casual, but you will see everything from jeans to coat and tie

Most services last about an hour and fifteen minutes. We sing, read from the Bible, and listen to teaching from the Bible. The goal of our teaching is to honor God and be faithful to His word. Our music draws upon the richness of our past as well as the thought-provoking songs of today's generation. 


We're excited to meet you! Please hang around after the service to meet our pastor and connect with others. If you have any questions, please contact us at ctbc@att.net.